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Pumpkin Carving Stencils and Competition

With the pumpkin picking season finally upon us, we at Nugent wanted to give you some spooky carving inspirations. We have created six exciting Halloween stencils that are easy to use and great fun for all the family.

Once you have picked your pumpkins, use our step by step guide on how to use our stencils so you can carve our spook-tacular designs!

Don’t forget to upload photos of your finished phantom pumpkins to social media and tag us by using @wearenugent.

We will be choosing the best carved pumpkins in our spooky competition, so make sure you tag us. The winner will receive a special Nugent prize!

Good luck and we can’t wait to see what gruesome pumpkins you create.

Downloads are free but there is a suggested donation of £2. Your donation will help us continue to support vulnerable children, young people and adults across the region. They need our support now more than ever.

Click here to download your pumpkin carving stencil pack.

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Step by Step Guide – Directions to Use Pumpkin Carving Stencils

  1. First you’ll want to print your stencils off on paper.

Printing Tips: Make sure to print to a size that will fit your pumpkin. The stencils are in portrait format so make sure your printer settings are set to portrait. To make sure that the stencils do not get cut off when printing, make sure the “fit to page” printer setting is selected if available. Also, if you need them to be slightly smaller some printer settings will let you adjust the % size of the pdf file. If you would like the stencil smaller, try making the % size to 70% or 80%. If you do not see these settings when printing, try the browser Chrome.

  1. Cut out the dark sections and use tape or sticky putty to place the shapes on your pumpkin to reproduce the image from the stencil.
  2. Use a sharpie to draw around the stencil on your pumpkin.
  3. Remove the stencil and you should now have your pumpkin face ready for carving!
  4. Adults should carve the pumpkin but make sure you get kids involved by helping to pull out the gooey insides.
  5. Once all the pumpkin inside is empty, use a tea light to enjoy the full effect of your pumpkin carving
  6. Upload an image of your spooky pumpkin onto social media and tag @wearenugent for a chance to win a special Nugent prize

The possibilities are endless with these pumpkin stencils! You can trace them to make some silhouette art, use them as a template for a pumpkin painting or trace them onto real pumpkins for carving!

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