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Living Fully Conference

Three leaders and five people with disability from Clubmoor have been having a great time in Rome attending the Living Fully Conference.


The fundraising team at Nugent Care made their dream come true by raising £550.00 through a Valentine’s raffle.

The Living Fully Conference in Rome is organised by Kairos Consultancy with the theme of ‘Living Fully’ and offers a three day programme of lectures & experiences for parents and carers of people with disability and a parallel programme for beneficiaries.


The two groups will interact and have some shared prayer experiences together. Refreshments and lunch will be provided by people with disability.  All participants are invited to a meal in a parish in Rome on Saturday evening. People are travelling from as far away as Australia and America to take part.

The trip was further facilitated by hospitality offered by Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary in Rome.


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