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Nugent shortlisted for two awards by Liverpool Chamber

The Liverpool Chamber has announced Nugent as a finalist for two awards– the ‘Business of the Year’ award and the ‘Local Hero’ award.

Nugent is proud to announce we have been shortlisted in the Innovation in Business Awards 2021.

The awards, held on 18 November 2021, were designed to ‘celebrate the innovation which has driven recovery’.

For each category, there is the traditional award for a business, as well as a special award to highlight the abilities of an individual innovator to overcome the challenges of the past 18 months.

Business of the Year

They shine a spotlight on the drive and ambition that has led to Liverpool’s economic resurgence during the pandemic.

Nugent has been selected as a finalist for ‘Business of the Year’ (Over 30 employees). Other finalists include:

  • Bio-Grad Group
  • Hi-Impact Consultancy
  • Marine Specialized Technology Group
  • Sutcliffe

Nugent is honoured to be nominated for the awards, and proud of the work we have done in the community this year.

To be selected for this award shows that Nugent is at the forefront of Innovation in the Northwest.

We are proud to have the vital work we do highlighted by the Liverpool Chamber as we continue to work tirelessly to serve our community.

Local Hero

Our CEO, Normandie Wragg, has also been shortlisted for the Local Hero Award (Sponsored by Alibi Liverpool).
This is a highly competitive field, with other finalists being:

  • Denise Barret-Baxendale (Everton FC)
  • Gareth Boyd (Liverpool Food Walking Tours)
  • Mike Moran (Rutherford Health PLC)
  • Sean Keyes (Sutcliffe)

“I am very proud to be chosen as a finalist for the Local Hero Award. 2021 has been a difficult period for businesses across Liverpool and the Northwest and so to be able to stand out in this difficult time is truly an honour.
This award is a great way to shine a light on the vital work we are doing. We hope to continue to deliver our services to the community and help those most in need.
I would like to thank the fantastic team we have at Nugent. Everyone has really pulled together during this difficult period and has proven that we can overcome adversity through cooperation.
We owe our success to the core values that drive our charity – integrity, ambition, courage, compassion, optimism, respect and dignity. Our guiding principles are visible in all aspects of Nugent and have created a framework for our success.”

Vote Now!

The votes are now open to members of the Liverpool Chamber as well as the public.

If you would like to attend the event, held on 18 November, you can sign up here.

There is also a separate ‘Green Room’ event at the new Innside venue at the Melia Hotel. Both events will host a joint after-show part at Alibi Liverpool.

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