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Standing out at Marydale!

Recently, staff and beneficiaries came together at Marydale Secure Children’s Home to celebrate the home’s progress towards ‘being outstanding’.

In a recent Management visit (known as a Regulation 44 Visit) several young people described the home as ‘outstanding’ and underlined that they felt safe, secure and protected. This coincided with a recent staff survey which highlighted buoyant levels of staff satisfaction across the Service.

Secure children’s homes care for vulnerable young people in a high quality, safe and therapeutic environment. Marydale Secure Children’s Home operates with a high staffing ratio; the overarching aim is to encourage beneficiaries to develop a range of personal skills, to enable them to live safely and achieve their full potential when leaving secure care. Secure Children’s Homes are subject to twice yearly inspection by Ofsted according to criteria within the Social Care Common Inspection Framework (SCCIF).

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Caring, educating, protecting and inspiring those in need.