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Chester Outreach Support

Chester Outreach Support provides support to individuals living in the community who have or are experiencing mental health issues. The service operates across a seven day week and is based on needs assessments. Support is provided in line with agreed social care assessments and individualised support and risk plans.

At the service we enable people to have an opportunity to integrate into the community and form meaningful relationships. The service aims to reduce people’s mental health issues by working alongside social workers and community mental health teams. We provide support that is centred around people’s experiences of living within a community and typical support provided is activities, support to manage tenancies including managing finances and bill payments, medication management, shopping, and household tasks. There is a great emphasis on health and wellbeing with this service.

Staff are provided with full induction and mandatory training, including tailored training based on beneficiary requirements. We also complement learning and development with qualifications and learning that will support a person to build a career in Health and Social Care.