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Key Information

  • Who is it for?

    Children and young people, aged 12-17, who are vulnerable, traumatised and disadvantaged.

  • Location:

    St. Helens


Marian House

Marian House is a warm, welcoming and safe family environment where dedicated, experienced and qualified staff provide the best care for children and young people aged 12-17 who are vulnerable, traumatised, disadvantaged and at-risk, who have been assessed as needing the positive experiences and the stability a nurturing residential setting can provide.


The management and staff at Marian House are committed to ensuring that the children and young people we care for aspire to reach their full potential and achieve good outcomes; personally, educationally and socially; in accordance with the Children’s Homes Regulations and the nine Quality Care Standards:-

  • The quality and purpose of care
  • The children’s views, wishes and feelings
  • The education
  • The enjoyment and achievement
  • The Health and well-being
  • The positive relationships
  • The protection of children
  • The leadership and management
  • The care planning

Implementing good care programmes in accordance with the Quality Standards, Marian House aims to support young people by working in partnership with their parents/carers and all involved agencies. Careful preparations are made to enable the child or young person to return happily to their own family, to be successfully placed with a new permanent family, to move on to supported living or live independently in the community.

Key principles


  • Children in residential child care should be loved, happy, healthy, safe from harm and able to develop, thrive and fulfil their potential.
  • Residential child care should value and nurture each child as an individual with talents, strengths and capabilities that can develop over time.
  • Residential child care should foster positive relationships, encouraging strong bonds between children and staff in the home on the basis of jointly undertaken activities, shared daily life, domestic and non-domestic routines and established boundaries of acceptable behaviour.
  • Residential child care should be ambitious, nurturing children’s school learning and out-of-school learning and their ambitions for the future
  • Residential child care should be attentive to children’s need, supporting emotional, mental and physical health needs, including repairing earlier damage to self-esteem and encouraging friendships.
  • Residential child care should be outward-facing, working with the wider system of professionals for each child, and with children’s families and communities of origin to sustain links and understand past problems.
  • Residential child care should have high expectations of staff as committed members of a team, as decision-makers and as activity leaders.  In support of this, children’s homes should ensure all staff and managers are engaged in ongoing learning about their role and the children and families they work with.
  • Residential child care should provide a safe and stimulating environment in high-quality buildings, with spaces that support nurture and allow privacy as well as common spaces and spaces to be active.



We embrace the nine Quality Standards and wholeheartedly work towards achieving them.  Our standards of care are such that we would be happy to receive them if we ourselves stood in need of them.

It is our belief that all children and young people should live in an appropriate family setting and being in a residential setting should not be a discriminatory factor for them, as all young people should be offered the same opportunities. At Marian House we provide a warm, homely atmosphere with caring staff, to try and replicate a family setting.

Marian House has attractive, nurturing environments in which children and young people feel safe, free to enjoy the space and time to grow in confidence and achieve their potential.

The home provides security and continuity through good yet flexible routines; balancing individual needs with communal responsibilities, giving young people firm boundaries

Marian House provides stability and care, through good trusting relationships between experienced, committed staff, who work with the children/young people in a professional non-judgemental way.

We meet the young people’s needs through individual care plans which have been developed with the young person, family and relevant professionals.

An atmosphere is created where children and young people are valued and treated with dignity and respect, showing them that they are people of worth; enabling them to feel good about themselves and confident in their abilities.

The Service provides for the individual needs and rights of the young person in relation to age, gender, race, sexuality and disability meeting specific dietary, cultural, religious and language needs.

We ensure that physical care and comfort is provided for young people encouraging a good diet and a healthy lifestyle; plenty of activities with good facilities for relaxation.

Marian House is proactive in providing a full health care programme with treatment for specific health issues from professionals to enhance the well-being of the child/young person.

We ensure children and young people have access to Education or training appropriate to their age, ability and level of attainment, promoting it as a high priority.

For more information about Marian House contact info@wearenugent.org.

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