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Being Outstanding 2020-25

Nugent is a charity, started by Father Nugent in 1881. We employ over 600 people, over 150 volunteers and are the largest education, health and social care charity in Liverpool.

Everything that we do, we do for the people we serve.

On April 22, 2020, we launched ‘Being Outstanding’ – our strategic plan for 2020 – 25.

Our Plan

Our plan was developed in consultation with our beneficiaries, staff, volunteers, stakeholders and Trustees.

Vision: To be a totally outstanding and dignified organisation

Mission: To care, educate, protect, and inspire those in need

Values: Iaccord

Click on the image to download an Iaccord poster

Our new plan will focus on five new themes;

  1. Health and Well-being
  2. Independence and Resilience
  3. Shaping Futures
  4. Collaboration
  5. Financial Sustainability

Each theme has five key projects (see diagram).

Click the image to download our Strategic plan poster

Nugent’s Life Pathways Model is our theory of change and represents the journey from the beginning of life to end of life

Click the image to download our Life Pathways Model

This is our methodology for planning, participation and evaluation of the work that we do to improve the life chances of children and young people, and increase the quality of life, experience and advocacy for adults and older people.

Being Outstanding 2020-25 Resources

Download our Strategic Plan for 2020-25 below.

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We are an established 139 year old charity based in Liverpool, providing a diverse range of support to vulnerable adults and children within the North West area through our schools, care homes, community and social work services and social enterprise. You can donate to help us help more people.

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