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Want to make a difference in your community?

Volunteer with Nugent and see how your time can make a positive impact in people’s lives within your local communities.

Here at Nugent, we have a wide variety of volunteering opportunities. We support people of all ages so there are opportunities to work with children, young people, adults and older people. Our work is diverse and so are our volunteering positions; from care homes to community-based services, there is something to suit everyone!

Benefits of volunteering at Nugent

Give back to your local community – our community services like the Food Pantry and charity shop are in the heart of the Liverpool community and are a great way to give something back to those around you

Make friendships – if you’re looking to make a positive impact and make meaningful relationships then volunteering at our care homes may be the opportunity for you! Many of our residents are looking for someone to talk to and share their interests to help brighten their days.

Share your skills – do you have a skill or a special interest our beneficiaries would like? Spread your knowledge with our beneficiaries and help them develop new hobbies and interests to pass their time.

Gain experience – volunteering will help you gain valuable experience that can help you develop in your current role or find a new one. At Nugent we have multiple paid vacancies throughout the organisation, if you enjoy your volunteering experience then why not become a part of the permanent team!

Receive training – we offer excellent training and support to all of our volunteers. The training can be tailored to your specific role to help you gain a deeper understanding of a special field.

Volunteering at Nugent is open to everyone. Nugent works with diverse communities and vulnerable members of society. The benefits can be life-changing for some people as it improves self-esteem by being a positive role model to others. Volunteering gives people the tools they need to be happier, healthier and well-rounded individuals.

Here are some of the volunteering opportunities we have available: 

  • Drivers
  • Food Pantry 
  • Charity Shop 
  • Homes – volunteer at our children or adult homes 
  • Community – including CARITAS 
  • Fundraising projects 

How to apply

If you are interested in volunteering your time, please get in touch with our HR team to see what local volunteering opportunities are available to you.

You can reach our HR department by emailing


Do I need a DBS check?

Some roles may require you to complete an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. This will be free of charge. Any volunteer required to complete a DBS check will be notified in advance. Only relevant offences will be considered when evaluating an applicant’s suitability and data obtained from DBS checks will only be available to appropriate members of staff. Please contact your Volunteer Coordinator or a member of the Volunteering Team if you would like to discuss this further

Are there any expenses?

We believe that you should never be out of pocket when volunteering. There may be some travel costs if you chose to volunteer at a location where travel is needed.

We offer reimbursement for reasonable expenses like travel costs when supported by receipts and agreed upon in advance. All volunteers are eligible for car mileage reimbursement at the rate of £0.45 per mile for the journey from home to the volunteer site and return home calculated by the AA route planner.

Expenses should be submitted to your Volunteer Coordinator or staff supervisor within one month of you paying out. All claims must be submitted by latest the end of each month and signed off by the agreed person who is responsible for the full completion of the claim form. We cannot make a contribution towards car insurance if used for your volunteering role. Please discuss this directly with your insurance company to see if your policy covers use as part of volunteering.

Do I need to be a certain age?

Nugent volunteers must be aged over 18. Should anyone under 18 wish to volunteer for example for student placement they must be accompanied for the duration of the opportunity by someone aged over 18 who will take on responsibility for the activity and all participants. This will normally be a member of Nugent staff based at the service you will be volunteering at.

To enquire about a student placement then please get in touch with the Nugent Volunteer Team for more details.

Do I need previous volunteering experience?

Our volunteering opportunities are open to everyone, you don’t need to have any previous knowledge or experience as we provide all the necessary training. Volunteering is a great way to gain valuable experience.

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