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Celebrating Excellence: Nugent iACCORD Awards 2024

The excitement of the day began with a delightful drinks reception, courtesy of Newcross Healthcare, where colleagues had the opportunity to mingle and enjoy the sunny afternoon. The awards ceremony commenced with a warm welcome from Nugent’s CEO, Jo Henney, setting the stage for an evening of acknowledgement and appreciation. Ian Travis and Keith Wilde graciously hosted the proceedings, adding a touch of charm and camaraderie to the event.

The ceremony kicked off with the presentation of the Long Service Awards, sponsored by My Learning Cloud, honouring Nugent Heroes who have dedicated 10, 20, 30 or 40 years of service to the charity. These individuals embody Nugent’s values and have played an integral role in shaping its mission and impact.

Guests were treated to a delicious 3-course lunch after which the final awards were presented. As the afternoon unfolded, Nugent’s CEO Jo Henney extended her heartfelt gratitude to all attendees with a second drinks reception, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and appreciation.

The evening continued with a delightful grazing board sponsored by Sedulo, offering an array of delectable treats to enjoy. Guests also had the opportunity to test their luck with fun casino simulations of blackjack and roulette, adding an extra element of excitement to the festivities. The night reached its crescendo with Deja Soul, a North-West party band, playing all the dance classics, enticing everyone to hit the dance floor and creating lasting memories of a truly unforgettable evening.


Volunteer of the Year Award sponsored by Brabners

Nominees: Dave Warner and Pauline Price

Winner: Dave Warner

Dave Warner was nominated by his colleagues for the Volunteer of the Year award because of his exceptional dedication to a young person at the Willows. Dave consistently takes the time to mentor the individual, teaching practical skills at his allotment and engaging in activities like football for hours on end. 

His commitment, reliability, and genuine care have made him an inspiration to the young person, fostering a strong and positive relationship. Through his efforts, Dave not only promotes skill development but also instils crucial values like health, safety, and sustainability, contributing to the individual’s journey towards independence.

Integrity Award sponsored by Price Training

Nominees: Alice Gaines, Dave Meers and Gintare Jurciukonyte

Winner: Gintare Jurciukonyte

Gintare has been nominated for the Integrity Award for her unwavering commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards at Nugent. Acting as a vital liaison between the marketing department and the staff forum, Gintare ensures effective communication and accountability by following up on commitments made to services. She consistently fosters a culture of excellence within her department, driving innovation and positive feedback. 

Gintare’s strong moral compass and dedication to doing what is right are evident in her actions and interactions. She fearlessly speaks out against wrongdoing and stands firm in her values, even in challenging situations. Gintare’s integrity serves as a guiding light, embodying the highest standards of honesty, accountability, and teamwork. 

Ambition Award sponsored by Bakare Barley

Nominees: Abigail Croughan, Karen Roberts, Monique Berry, Zoe Donoghue

Winner: Monique Berry

Monique Berry’s nomination for the Ambition Award stems from her exceptional drive and dedication to success, both in her role and for the well-being of Lime Grove Cottage. Actively seeking out opportunities for growth and development, Monique’s ambition has led to significant progress and success within the department.

She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the service’s success, demonstrating her unwavering commitment and knowledge. Monique’s willingness to tackle challenges head-on, coupled with her supportive and knowledgeable nature, has earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues, making her a huge asset to the team.

Courage Award sponsored by Unison

Nominees: Ashley Taylor, Jennifer Mullen, Lynsey Lloyd

The individual who won the award is the cornerstone of support for both frontline staff and managers, offering guidance, training, and system support whenever needed. Fearlessly tackling challenging situations, they are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of Nugent’s beneficiaries is always prioritised. Their invaluable contributions to service improvement projects have had a profound impact on both residents and the organisation as a whole. 

Their rapport with individuals in our care is as strong as their bond with frontline teams. Stepping outside their comfort zone, they brought joy to residents and staff alike by leading them in song at Lime House. Their inclusive approach even encouraged a non-verbal resident to participate, prompting the winner to describe her voice as angelic. Their commitment to enhancing the lives of those they serve is truly commendable and deeply cherished by all.

Compassion Award sponsored by PIB Insurance Brokers and PIB Risk Management

Nominees: Chloe Loxton, Sarah Hodson, Wendy Cooper

Winner: Sarah Hodson

Sarah’s selflessness and reliability have fostered a positive team spirit during challenging times. Her proactive approach and genuine concern for night staff highlight her strong sense of teamwork and compassion.

Sarah’s willingness to step in when needed reflects her dedication to the team’s success. Recognised for her exceptional understanding of compassion, she navigates difficult conversations sensitively to promote positive change.

Children and staff feel safe in Sarah’s presence, a testament to her unique personality. Marydale would be a little bit darker without Sarah.

Optimism Award sponsored by Moore Media

Nominees: Emma Foy, Sarah Hodson

Winner: Emma Foy

Emma’s boundless positivity serves as a beacon of inspiration for all who know her. Her infectious energy creates an atmosphere of optimism that uplifts everyone she encounters.

Not only does Emma radiate optimism within our teams, but her positive outlook also extends to interactions with external partners and stakeholders. Her genuine enthusiasm for her work is evident in every conversation.

Emma possesses a remarkable ability to find the silver lining in any situation, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth. Her optimistic spirit is truly a driving force behind our collective success.

Respect Award sponsored by Aabyss

Nominees: Keith Sambor, Kelly Furlong, Lorna Towner, Lynn Kendrick

Winner: Lorna Towner 

Lorna’s constant warmth and positivity illuminate every room she enters. Her unwavering respect for everyone she meets, regardless of their position, fosters a fair and inclusive environment.

With volunteer’s and service users’ well-being at the forefront of her mind, Lorna approaches her work with empathy and compassion. Her polite and considerate demeanour ensures that others feel valued and heard, as she treats them with the same respect she expects for herself.

Lorna’s ability to listen actively and create a safe space for open dialogue enables her to incorporate diverse perspectives into decision-making. She respects others’ views while fearlessly advocating for the best outcomes for all involved.

Dignity Award sponsored by Lynbrook

Nominees: Ashley Taylor, George Hamer, Julie Cliffe

Winner: Ashley Taylor

Ashley tackles challenges with resilience and determination, setting a commendable example for our team and the children under our care. Her compassion and empathy foster a supportive environment where everyone feels valued.

In moments of uncertainty, Ashley’s leadership shines brightly, serving as a guiding light for us all. Her courage inspires us to face challenges head-on with determination.

Ashley’s professionalism and courtesy remain unwavering, even in the most challenging situations. Her reliability and steadfastness contribute to the cohesion and effectiveness of our team.

Leader of the Year Award sponsored by Graham’s Consultants

Nominees: Andrea Marshall, Helen Ormandy, Megan Foster

Winner: Andrea Marshall

Andrea’s leadership transcends words, providing unwavering support during challenging times. With her genuine open-door policy, Andrea empowers staff to reach greater heights without even realising it. She goes above and beyond to ensure everyone feels included and heard.

Andrea’s journey from SCW to registered manager is truly inspiring, showcasing that anything is possible with determination. Her ability to lead a diverse team with grace and effectiveness earns her admiration from all at Marydale.

In essence, Andrea is an exceptional manager whose support transforms Marydale into a beacon of hope and stability for young people.

Team of the Year Award sponsored by TF Jones

Nominees: Governance, Lime Grove Cottage, Marydale

Winner: Marydale 

The team collaborates closely not only among themselves but also with external professionals and health teams to ensure the best outcomes for the young people they serve. They actively nurture and encourage the aspirations of the youth, fostering self-confidence and belief.

Marydale’s unwavering support for the most vulnerable children is truly remarkable, and their resilience is deeply inspiring. Each staff member exudes compassion for the young people, making them an exemplary and inspirational team.

Marydale colleagues take pride in being part of this service. Never before have they felt such a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie within a team where everyone supports each other wholeheartedly.

CEO Highly Commended Award

Winner: Matty Taylor

Matty has demonstrated exceptional dedication to safeguarding within Nugent’s services. While conducting routine checks, including CCTV inspections, Matty identified a concerning issue and took proactive steps to investigate further. As a result of his diligence and quick action, a serious safeguarding concern was uncovered and immediate measures were taken to prevent further harm.

Their commitment to utilising robust systems and processes not only safeguarded his colleagues, service, and Nugent as a whole but, most importantly, protected a vulnerable young person.

At Nugent, our primary goal is to protect vulnerable individuals, and Matty’s proactive approach exemplifies our collective commitment to this mission. His dedication and vigilance serve as an inspiration to us all.

CEO Award

Winner: Jo Shannon

Jo Shannon shows outstanding dedication and resilience. From humble beginnings in a part-time role, Jo’s journey has been marked by determination and courage.

As she progressed through various roles, Jo’s leadership at Lime House truly shone. Despite challenges and lack of support, Jo’s commitment to improvement never wavered. Under her guidance, Lime House saw significant enhancements, reflected in improved internal audit scores.

Jo’s impact extended beyond Lime House as she supported Margaret Roper House, leading a successful regulator inspection despite it being her first. Her quiet dedication and humility may have kept her achievements from the spotlight, but her influence on the lives of those under Nugent’s care is undeniable.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all sponsors for their generous support in making this celebration possible. Moreover, immense appreciation is extended to the dedicated colleagues whose unwavering commitment and passion shine through in every aspect of their work. Their impact transcends Nugent, touching the lives of vulnerable individuals and communities, embodying the true spirit of compassion and service.

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