Nugent finance function undertakes the necessary financial processing to ensure that cashflow is managed and income due for services delivered is billed and collected and staff and suppliers are paid for services rendered.

Organisational financial planning, control and performance management is supported through the production of strategic financial plans, annual budgets, quarterly forecasts and monthly management accounts.

The finance function ensures that Nugent is financially compliant through the production of annual published accounts and government statistics, and pension and tax compliant through payroll processes.

Existing and new business development as well as general management decision making is supported by the finance function through the provision of financial modelling and costings.

The finance function also maintains and monitors financial procedures and controls so that Nugent’s assets and resources are safeguarded.

The following Services are covered by Finance;

  • Compiling and producing annual budgets for services and departments.
  • Providing monthly management accounts to assist managers to control and manage their budgets.
  • Paying staff and suppliers for services rendered.
  • Collecting income due.
  • Providing financial information to services and departments to support decision making.
  • Providing financial modelling and costings to support service development and service recovery.
  • Providing financial information to meet commissioner and regulatory body requirements.