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Mission and Vision

To be an entirely dignified & outstanding organisation.

The proposed and explicit vision for the organisation continues the spirit of our purpose which is to continue to provide and develop the kind and essential work of Father Nugent.

The vision with regards to an ‘outstanding’ attainment has been developed to fit our purpose into the context of a sector that is rigorously regulated by regulators such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Ofsted, Local Authorities, the Charities Commission and other quality mark organisations such as the Gold Framework for End of Life Care.

Further, the vision takes into account our attainment of our own chosen quality markers such as Investors in People (IIP), the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) and/or ISO. With regards to the ‘dignified’ element of the vision, this relates back to a value check against our faith based origins within the Catholic Social Teachings including;

  • Human Dignity
  • Community & Participation
  • Care for Creation
  • Dignity in Work
  • Peace and Reconciliation
  • Solidarity

and long-standing and respected values within our charity.

Therefore our vision acknowledges the standards of a holistic environment which includes the people we support, stakeholders (including staff), regulators and a strong value base.

We are making sure that we are making significant changes to the way we provide and govern our services. We will make sure that, above all, the dignity of the people we serve is paramount. We will ensure that our services are financially sustainable, and outstanding in their delivery.

Purpose – Why we exist

Nugent is here to continue the kind and essential work started by Father Nugent, helping the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Our Mission – How we achieve our purpose

Our ideal is that everyone is able to live comfortably and in dignity. Unfortunately, for many people this is not the case in their lives, or for some part of their life, and Nugent aspires to be there for them. It is essential that through our service provision, we aim to be dignified and outstanding in all that we do.

  • To care, educate, protect and inspire those in need.
  • To be an employer of choice.
  • To be an advocate: A voice for the voiceless.

Our Values – iACCORD.

In order to fulfil our mission and purpose we have agreed on a set of values that are the foundation our beliefs and our behaviours throughout the organisation. In late 2015 we consulted with beneficiaries, staff, volunteers and stakeholders with regard to our values, beliefs and behaviours. This consultation exercise demonstrated synergy across the focus groups, leading us to arrive at a key set of common values.

The definition of the word ‘accord’ is means signify an official agreement. The values identified, come together to form this acronym, including the ‘i’ at the front of the acronym stands for humble integrity. This very nicely leads to an indication that ‘one agrees…’

The full strategic plan can be downloaded from the link below.

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