Information Governance & Claims

The Information Governance & Claims Department’s purpose is to ensure:

  • Any information that is collected conforms with regulations and as a result is kept securely, easily retrievable and used for the purpose it was intended
  • People have confidence that their personal information is kept securely
  • Complaints and Claims and associated matters are investigated
  • The organisation is protected
  • The Governing Body is kept up to date and informed about matters relating to the governance of the Organisation

The following Services are covered by IG & Claims;


  • Manage the records held by services and deal with all access requests on their behalf
  • Ensure records are removed from service areas and stored safely
  • Manage the archives


  • Manage employer liability and civil claims, and is the main point of contact for services in this regard
  • Liaise with the insurers and solicitors on behalf of services
  • Support staff involved in claims, attending court if necessary where there are legal proceedings


  • Ensure systems are in place for complaints to be made and investigate where appropriate
  • Producing reports on complaints and identifying lessons