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    Children and young people, ages 13-18

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The Willows

The Willows is a warm, welcoming and safe family environment, where dedicated, experienced and qualified staff provide the best care for vulnerable, traumatised and disadvantaged children and young people aged 13 – 18 of all abilities, who have been assessed as needing the positive experiences and emotional support that a residential setting can provide.

The management and staff at The Willows are committed to ensuring that the children and young people we care for, aspire to, and reach, their full potential and achieve good outcomes, personally, educationally and socially.

The home provides security and consistency through good flexible routines: balancing individual needs with communal responsibilities, and giving children and young people firm boundaries. The Willows provides stability and care through good trusting relationships between the experienced, committed staff group, who work with the children and young people in a professional non-judgemental way.

We assess the children’s and young people’s needs and risks, to develop and implement individual care plans with the child, young person, family and professionals. An atmosphere is created where children and young people are valued and treated with dignity and respect, showing them that they are people of worth, enabling them to feel good about themselves and confident in their abilities.

The service provides for the individual needs and rights of the child or young person in relation to age, gender/gender identity, race, sexuality and disability meeting specific dietary, cultural, religious and language needs.

We ensure that physical care and comfort is provided for children and young people, encouraging a good diet and a healthy lifestyle with plenty of activities with good facilities for relaxation. The Willows is proactive in providing access to a full health care programme with treatment for specific health issues from professionals to enhance the well-being of the child or young person.

We ensure children and young people have access to a range of education opportunities, appropriate to their age, ability and level of attainment, promoting it as a high priority. This could be accessing mainstream schools, specialist schools, alternative providers or at-home education. Nugent is exploring the possibility of becoming an ASDAN centre, which offers a range of courses for Young People aged 13 Plus.

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Flexible pricing, a transparent and efficient process, a range of fee levels and personalised pathways and transition plans to minimise costs and maximise results are all part of Nugent placements.

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