Governance is a framework through which;

• Nugent is accountable for continuously improving the quality of our services
• Safeguarding high standards of care by creating a culture of excellence in which clinical and health and social care will thrive
• The system, principles and processes by which organisations are directed and controlled

Having a governance system assists us in being able to demonstrate that we meet the requirements of in this part of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) and Regulations 2014 (Regulations 4-20A). The principles underlying governance are based on managing the organisation with integrity, being transparent, making all the necessary disclosures and complying with relevant legislation. Good governance facilitates efficient and effective management that translates into value and excellent customer service for our stakeholders.

The following Services are covered by Governance:

• Audit tool Development
• Service Improvement Plans
• Risk Register Administration
• GDPR Services including Subject Access Requests
• Complaints
• Beneficiary Surveys (Including Safeguarding)
• Information System Management
• Dashboard Production and Development