Key Information

  • Who is it for?

    Anyone who would like to give a home to a child

  • Providing Help With:

    The adoption process.

  • Located:

    St Catherine’s Hub, St Helens.

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    Twitter: @NugentAdoption

    facebook: nugentadoption


Nugent Adoption

Nugent Adoption is a registered and approved Independent Adoption Agency located in the North West of England. Nugent became a Registered Adoption Agency in 1943; therefore we have been involved in placing children for adoption for 75 years.

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For more information call 01744 613 041.

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We provide a welcoming team of professional and dedicated social work staff who are experienced in all areas of adoption. Our aim is to increase the opportunities for children who have experienced a difficult start, to enjoy a positive, safe and secure family life.

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, responsive service and on guiding our prospective adopters through the adoption process making them feel valued and supported. We are pleased to hear from potential adopters regardless of their gender, age, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, religion or marital status. We are Ofsted registered and we work in partnership with Local Authorities across England, Wales and Scotland to help them deliver services to some of the most vulnerable children in their care.

We also have many years of experience in assessing prospective adopters who wish to adopt a child from overseas. As well as this we offer on-going support to all those affected by adoption such as adult adoptees who wish to access their adoption records, as well as birth family members wishing to trace their adopted relatives.

We are members of Adoption 22; CoramBAAF; the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA) and Adoption UK.

We hope you enjoy reading more about adoption. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01744 613041 or

Or visit NugentAdoption for all the information you need.

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