Referral information for Commissioners

Referring into Nugent is a clear process.

At Nugent one of our key values is integrity. We want to ensure that all that we do for our young people, their families have an open and transparent dialogue to ensure that our educational and care services are the best choice for the young person. Please, come and visit Nugent House School and we would be happy to show you what we provide for the young people.

For the local authorities who look to place young people with us, in a time of reduced funding and high regulator expectations we want to ensure that we are providing positive outcomes that demonstrate added value.

Our reputation is strong

With a well-established reputation as a provider of choice in specialist education and residential care services, Nugent works closely with commissioners to guarantee a customer focused approach, with feedback of the individual’s progression throughout each stage of their time with us.   We work collaboratively with commissioners to agree anticipated lengths of stay and transition planning, and maintain good communication with the referring team throughout each person’s care pathway with us.

Our services are delivered in partnership with the NHS and local authorities, and we are committed to providing a transparent and rapid referral process which ensures that individuals are placed into the services most appropriate to their individual needs.

Fees and funding for Education and Residential services for children and young people

Local authorities, social services, education departments and health departments are responsible for referring young people into our schools and homes, and also for paying their fees. Parents have a right to be involved in the arrangement of provision and are welcome to visit our services to see the quality of our care first hand.

Our transparent pricing structures ensure that fees are matched to the service needs of the individual. Guaranteed fee reductions ensure that as children and young people progress and become more independent, their fees will reduce accordingly.

Flexible payment, fee levels and discounts

  • Nugent offers flexible pricing plans which are specifically designed to ensure a transparent and efficient process for commissioners.
  • We offer a range of fee levels designed to reflect the intensity of interventions needed by the individual.
  • Personalised pathways and transition plans to minimise costs and maximise results
  • Discounts are available for length of placement, quantity of placements (up to 10%), and % return on spend.

To make a referral or for further information contact our referral team on:

Tel:  0151 261 2000


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