Celebrating Nugent Heroes at the 2023 iACCORD Awards

Nugent staff posing with award

Nugent’s internal staff awards, the iACCORD Awards, returned for another year on the 14th of March! The annual event, which was held at the Rum Warehouse in the Titanic Hotel, celebrates the achievements of Nugent’s dedicated heroes who work tirelessly across our homes, community, education and social work services. 

In order to fulfil Nugent’s mission and purpose, the beneficiaries, staff, volunteers and stakeholders have agreed on a set of values that are the foundation of Nugent’s beliefs and behaviours throughout. 

Our iACCORD values: 

Integrity – we are honest in what we say and do
Ambition – we have high hopes for the future
Courage – we stand up for what we know is right
Compassion – we are kind and support each other
Optimism – we believe we can
Respect – we accept one another and look after all we share
Dignity – we value ourselves and each other

In the run-up to the awards, colleagues are encouraged to nominate their fellow peers for the different awards, and it was delightful to receive such a plethora of wonderful and deserving reasons from across our services. 

Guests were welcomed to the iACCORD by a drinks reception hosted by sponsors, the Pentone Family, a family of naturally lower-calorie alcoholic beverages and innovative alcoholic beverage brands. 

The event was opened by Nugent’s Interim CEO, Jo Henney, who showed her appreciation to all Nugent Staff for continuously providing indispensable support and upholding Nugent’s iACCORD values. Jo also mentioned the honour of being appointed as Nugent’s Interim CEO, wishing good luck and farewell to our Chief Executive Officer, Normandie Wragg, who devised the iACCORD values back in 2017 with collaboration with our colleagues and trustees. 

Long Service Awards and Nugent Leaders 

The first part of the awards evening were the Long Service Awards. The awards were sponsored by Lynbrook. Established over 40 years ago, Lynbrook has become the most respected print technology providers in the North-West, attributed to strong values of personalisation and exceptional service delivery.   

We celebrated 14 Nugent Heroes from our Adult, Children, Community, Education, Family, and Support Services, for their long service with the charity. These awards recognise Nugent Heroes that have reached milestones of 10, 20, 30 years of service. Our Nugent Heroes have given significant periods of their lives to the Nugent family, ensuring that the charity accomplishes all that it sets out to achieve. The recognised individuals have been with us through good times, some bad times, and periods of difficulty, yet all have remained resilient and thoroughly determined to face each challenge. They have achieved so much and have unquestionably enhanced the lives of those that they have cared for. 

The awards also celebrated Nugent leaders, who have worked tirelessly to ensure that Nugent meets its objectives and goals. The leadership team continues to drive forward to achieve positive outcomes for our beneficiaries and help Nugent to fulfil the vision of becoming a truly outstanding organisation and to ensure the charity has the biggest impact on the lives of the people we are proud to serve. 

Following on from the Long Service and Nugent Leader awards was the main celebration of the iACCORD values, each award getting its name from each of our values. 

iACCORD Award Winners 


The winner of the Integrity value award was Karen Smith, Governance Coordinator. 

Karen was nominated by her colleagues because she goes above and beyond to support her colleagues, without seeking recognition. She is diligent, consistently works to a high standard and regularly takes on additional responsibility to support Nugent in its objectives. Karen has played an integral role in the success of the governance department and is valued by colleagues from across Nugent and deserves an award and more! 

The Integrity award was sponsored by Butterworth Spengler Insurance Brokers, who offer their clients a unique blend of experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver effective insurance solutions with a dynamic and professional approach.

Integrity winner Karen Smith
Ryan Curd accepting award on behalf of Matthew Taylor


The winner of the Ambition value award was Matthew Taylor, Senior Secure Care Worker at Marydale. 

Matty was nominated by his colleagues as he leads with ambition. He is a role model who inspires others to strive for excellence and encourages a culture of innovation. Matty goes above and beyond to ensure the young people Nugent care for are receiving the best care possible and helps them to reach their full potential. He is the positive mentor that they need and always believes in their dreams, encouraging them to be optimistic for their future, as no dream is too big! 

The Ambition award was sponsored by Graham’s Consultants, who are a Children’s Social Care and Education consultancy. The company has a significant amount of experience across residential care, education and other social care provisions the length and breadth of the country offering services including regulation 44 and compliance. 


The winner of the Courage value award was Andre Alexander, Senior Secure Care Worker at Marydale. 

Andre was nominated by his colleagues as he goes out of his way to make our young people feel safe and is always willing to help wherever needed. He demonstrates courage for all staff, speaking up for others to ensure they are happy and treated fairly. He is a strong advocate for the children and will always make sure each young person is receiving the correct support for their needs, despite any challenges that may arise.  

The Courage value award was sponsored by Krol Corlett Construction, which operates across the North West and England and North Wales and has extensive experience in delivering construction projects on time and within budget for a variety of clients and sectors. 

Courage winner Andre Alexander (right) with Simon Krol from Krol Corlett Construction

Following the announcement of the first three award winners, guests were treated to a delicious three-course dinner with entertainment from a magician, Magic Mike, and musician, Victoria Sharpe. 

Suzanne Murray accepting the award on behalf of Rebecca Pilkington


The winner of the Compassion value award was Rebecca Pilkington, Specialist Child Care Worker at The Meadows. 

Rebecca was nominated by her fellow colleagues as she shows selflessness and compassion and inspires kindness in others. She has remained a consistent role model and goes above and beyond, putting others before herself. Our young people have huge respect and trust in Rebecca because of her approach. She uses her own time to organise special occasions to give our young people long-lasting memories. 

The Compassion value award was sponsored by Poppi Contract Furniture who specialise in supplying furniture to challenging environments. They have a wide range of Lounge, Dining and Bedroom furniture to meet various client needs. They have worked with the team supplying Marydale Lodge and as an approved NHS supplier offer free consultations as part of their service.


The winner of the Optimism value award was Jenny McDonnell-Shaw, Learning and Development Business Partner. 

Jenny was nominated by her colleagues as she is the go-to person who knows everything about Nugent and the work that we do. She puts people first and develops each individual to achieve their full potential. Jenny oozes optimism; she shares a vision of hopefulness in every situation. 

The Optimism value award was sponsored by PIB Risk Management, who specialise in risk management support across multiple sectors, with a specialist team in education charities & care. 

Optimism winner Jenny McDonnell-Shaw
Respect winner Sophie Mayoh-Baxter (right) with Clare Ellis from Wellness in the City


The winner of the Respect value award was Sophie Mayoh-Baxter, Community Lead and New Beginnings Housing Support Officer. 

Sophie was nominated by her colleagues as she is one of a kind. Her values exemplify Nugent’s and is an absolute dream to work with. Sophie always goes the extra mile to ensure she listens and really hears what clients have to say. She displays a high degree of professionalism whether dealing with staff, external stakeholders or the beneficiaries in her care. She is resilient and always has a smile and a warm approach with everyone she meets despite her challenges she will reflect and bounce back to her lovely self. 

The Respect value award was sponsored by Wellness in the City, who is gathering a community of well-being experts from all over the North West and beyond to bring the city events full of insights, inspiration and interactive experiences to improve the health of the Liverpool City Region.   


The winner of the Dignity value award was Dave Meers, HR Business Partner. 

Dave was nominated by his colleagues as he shines what dignity represents and always shows respect to others. He takes the time to listen and provides reassurance during some very difficult situations. Dave stands up for what is right, ensuring staff are treated fairly and with dignity. He always strives for the best possible outcome for all concerned and is a huge asset to Nugent.  

The Dignity award was sponsored by UNISON, the UK’s largest union, serving more than 1.3 million members. Unison working in partnership with Nugent has been massively productive over the past few years and especially in the last 12 months. Delivering better for their Unison Members, Beneficiaries and our Organisation as a whole. 

Dignity winner Dave Meers (center)

CEO Award 

CEO Award Winners

The CEO Award was given to the team at Clumber Lodge Children’s home. When faced with an adverse rating from an inspection the whole team came together to turn the service around in just a couple of months. Today, under the leadership of Jo Henney as Responsible Individual, and Amanda Carpenter as Registered Manager, Clumber Lodge has gone from strength to strength and finds itself as the highest-rated regulated service in Nugent’s portfolio and striving towards the attainment of an outstanding rating from the regulator. 

Clumber Lodge Team: 

  • Jo Henney  
  • Kev Williams  
  • Hetal Mainwaring 
  • Amanda Carpenter  
  • Fran Bowman  
  • Sandra Roper 
  • Suzanne Murray  
  • Brandon Roussel  
  • Megan Foster 
  • Ashley Connolly  
  • Andrea Marshall 
  • Jenny McDonnell-Shaw 
  • Zoe Donoghue 
  • Dave Donoghue 
  • Kevin Wilson  
  • Kim Bradley  
  • Libs Colford

The CEO award was sponsored by Aabyss, a North West based IT company offering IT leadership, management and support. Aabyss help business leaders make informed decisions by simplifying technology, to support their growth.

Left to right: Chair of Trustees John-Paul Dennis, Interim CEO Jo Henney, former CEO Normandie Wragg, Chief Executive of Aabyss Andrew Allen

Special recognition  

The special recognition award was presented to Normandie Wragg, by John-Paul Dennis, Nugent’s chair of Trustees. 

Normandie has been with Nugent since October 2013, initially as Director of Operations, before taking on the pivotal role of CEO in October 2015. Normandie has traversed the last 8 years with determination and passion, with an overriding inner drive to serve the beneficiaries that are in our care and whom we support each and every day. She leaves Nugent with a legacy of optimism, of inclusivity, and of ambition. As Nugent’s tenth CEO, Normandie has continued the vital work started by Father James Nugent, founded in 1881, to help the most vulnerable people in our communities. 

As the wonderful, celebratory afternoon drew to a close with a thank you from Jo Henney to all Nugent’s colleagues and event sponsors, without whom this event would not be able to take place. 

Thank you to the headline sponsor, Aabyss, for making the celebration of Nugent Heroes a possibility. 

To support Nugent and our beneficiaries, or to discuss sponsorship opportunities for future events, please contact out Fundraising team at fundraising@wearenugent.org or call 0151 261 2000 

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