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Marydale Lodge Celebrate Black History Month with African-Caribbean Cuisine

With food and culture going hand in hand, Marydale Lodge have been celebrating Black History Month by immersing themselves in to some traditional African-Caribbean cuisine.

As part of a food technology class, the young people we care for at Marydale Lodge have been exploring the different ingredients used to create some of the mouth-watering dishes that reflect the rich culinary heritage of Jamaica.

The class started their adventure in to Jamaican food with plantain, which resembles a banana and has a starchy but soft texture when cooked. The class pan-fried the fruit to taste it, as it can only be eaten when cooked. Plantain is traditionally paired with Saltfish and Ackee, the national dish of Jamaica that is usually served as breakfast or brunch. The ingredients of salt-preserved cod and lots of chili and garlic creates a taste sensation and was enjoyed by the whole class.

Jamaican Style fried garlic prawns was also on the menu, fried up with red chilies followed by the group taste-testing a popular dessert snack, Jamaican spiced bun. This is a loaf cake with spices such as ginger and nutmeg as well as a range of fruit and can be sliced, eaten plain, with butter or cheese.

The lesson was a great way for our young people to explore and experience a variety of new flavours and dishes, educating the class in the diverse food traditions that are strongly connected to Black African-Caribbean culture and history.


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