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Our Community Food Market Continues to Provide to Families in Crisis

Nugent’s community food market in Kirkdale is a lifeline to many individuals and families in crisis, providing supermarket quality food at outstandingly reduced prices.

The quality of the support that our community food market provides has been brought to the forefront by the current free school meal package; an alternative that is being sent to children who would usually receive a free school meal.

What does the School Meal Package Offer?

The food parcels are said to be equal to £30 worth of food and should provide 10 days of lunches, but many families are finding their food parcels are only adding up to around £5.

One package includes just a loaf of bread, some cheese, a tin of beans, two carrots, two bananas, three apples, two potatoes, a bag of pasta, three Frubes, two Soreen bars and a tomato.


What does our community food market provide?

This is in direct contrast to our services, who can provide a shopping basket costing £5 of nutritious food that would normally amount to around £30 in a leading supermarket chain.

We offer a variety of food for people to choose from to make a delicious and healthy meal; including vegetables, cheeses and meats, pasta and grains, tinned goods and much more.

At the very heart of all that we do are the people, human beings with hopes and dreams that deserve dignity, respect and equality. Our community food market has ensured that the most vulnerable people in our community are receiving support to feed themselves and their families. They have provided support to 5872 contacts between March and October 2020, with 2465 food hampers and 630 additional meals going to those who need it most. Find out more on how Nugent’s Community Food Market has gone the extra mile during the pandemic here.

With the help of donors we hope to spread out similar community support across the region.

Our aspiration is to ‘mobilise’ our efforts to tackle food poverty by creating several mobile food pantries.

If you can support our efforts in helping to alleviate food poverty across the region please contact fundraising@wearenugent.org.

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