The Nugent Brand

Modern branding requires much more than a logo. Branding identity is a visual language, used to quickly communicate excellence. It’s a close family of colours, shapes, texture, imagery, typography, tone of voice. These all contribute to overall “feel” of a brand, more than a logo can independently.

Our frenetic relationship with brands — as we’re bombarded with adverts, websites and social media — means we have an increasingly smaller window within which to attract attention, promote a sense of expertise and hope to leave a lasting impression.


Branding needs to be flexible; ready to adapt to any number of size, colour and technology restrictions. How will your brand work on a business card, as a few pixels on an app or on the side of a building?


Successful branding is a comfort, a sign of authority — it can convince that you’re worth more than your competitors. The Nugent brand has been crafted to be as flexible as possible. Please make use of the resources on this page deploy and enjoy the many aspects of the new Nugent brand.


The Nugent Brand Resources

Download the following files to learn about the Nugent brand and determine the best way to make use of available visuals.

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