Pantry donation drop point

Pantry Donation Drop Point

Can you help us by setting up a Pantry Donation Drop Point in your office, school or business? 

As we strive to combat poverty and empower our communities, we invite our supporters to join us in gathering contributions on behalf of Nugent in three vital areas such as our charity shop, Hygiene Hub and Pantry. You can read more about each area here: Donation Drop Points

What is a Pantry Donation Drop Point? 

A Pantry Donation Drop Point is a designated area within your school, business, or office where people can conveniently donate non-perishable food items and other essentials to support Nugent Pantry’s mission of fighting food poverty. It serves as a drop point for donations from employees, students, customers, and members of the community who want to make a difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity. 

Items we are looking for (new and unopened): 

  • Tinned vegetables and legumes (e.g., peas and beans) 
  • Tinned fruits 
  • Tinned meats and fish (e.g., tuna, chicken, salmon) 
  • Tinned soups and stews 
  • Pasta sauce or tomato sauce 
  • Pasta 
  • Rice 
  • Dry lentils, beans and pulses 
  • Cereals and porridge 
  • Jam 
  • Tea/coffee 
  • Biscuits 
  • Boxed fruit juices 
  • Shelf-stable milk or milk alternatives (e.g., UHT milk, almond milk) 
  • Cooking oil (e.g., vegetable oil, olive oil) 
  • Canned or powdered baby formula 
  • Baby food in jars or pouches 

We will work closely with you to organise a collection schedule that is suitable for you, ensuring a seamless and convenient process for gathering the donations from your designated donation drop point. 

Our Pantry 

The Pantry is open every Tuesday from 1pm to 3pm at St Anne’s Church for a weekly shop that costs just £3.50 each week. The shoppers have access to a full shop, including fresh fruit, vegetables, and cupboard favourites. The value of the shop often totals £15-20 or more, making it a cost-effective way to meet grocery needs. 

The Pantry isn’t only a place to do a weekly shop, it’s a welcoming community hub with friendly faces and a listening ear. For some of our shoppers, it’s their only weekly interaction with other people, for others, it’s a chance to get involved in their local community. 

To learn more about our Pantry please visit 

Why set up a donation point for the Pantry? 

Food prices in the UK have soared by a staggering 15.7% in April, putting immense strain on families and individuals struggling to afford basic groceries. Despite being the sixth richest country globally, the UK’s food poverty rate remains among Europe’s highest, affecting around 4.2 million people (6% of the population), with nearly 1 in 10 children (around 9%) affected.  

Food insecurity leaves many people reliant on food banks and pantries just to make ends meet. For some children living in food poverty, a free school meal could be the only guaranteed hot meal they eat in a day. Approximately 2.0 million pupils (23.8% of state-funded pupils) were eligible for free school meals, leaving the ineligible families struggling to put food on the table. That’s why we must ensure we are fully stocked and offer plenty of choice to our weekly shoppers. 

To address this pressing issue, we are setting up Pantry Donation Drop Points and seeking the support of businesses, schools, and offices. By setting up a drop point, you directly contribute to the fight against food poverty in your community.  

Here’s why setting up a drop point is a fantastic idea:   

  • Foster a sense of community: Setting up a donation drop point creates a sense of unity among your employees, students, or customers, knowing that they are contributing to a meaningful cause and supporting their local community. 
  • Team-building opportunities: Organising donation drives and events can serve as team-building activities, bringing your staff or students together for a common goal to boost morale and engagement. 
  • Increased footfall and customer loyalty: For businesses, acting as a donation drop point can attract customers who appreciate and support your efforts, leading to increased footfall and customer loyalty. 

How will setting up a donation drop point help? 

  • Fight food poverty: By establishing a donation drop point, you directly contribute to the fight against food poverty in your community. Your contributions will make a real difference in the lives of families and individuals who are struggling to put food on their tables. 
  • Support education: Your involvement in fighting food poverty can directly impact students’ ability to focus on their studies. A nourished mind is better equipped to learn and succeed. 
  • Build a sustainable future: By promoting food donations and community involvement, you are contributing to the creation of a sustainable future, where hunger and food insecurity are reduced or eliminated. 

Make a difference – Join the fight against food poverty 

Join us in the fight against food poverty. Your support can bring hope and nourishment to those in need. Be a donation drop point and help create a stronger, more resilient community. 

For more information or to set up a donation drop point, please contact us at or call 0151 261 2000

Together, we can make a positive impact and ensure that no one in our community goes hungry. 

Support our work caring for, educating, protecting and inspiring those in need.

For 140 years we have been providing support to children, young people, adults and families who are vulnerable or at risk across the North West through our schools, care homes, community and social work services. Your donations can help us support more people.

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