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Nugent Now

The Nugent Now development group aims to bring business leaders from across the region together to help shape a brighter future for the most vulnerable in our community.

By being a part of the Nugent Now group, you are helping us to continue to provide our vital services to those who need us the most. Your support helps us to achieve our mission of caring for, educating, protecting and inspiring those in need.

The group meets every quarter, with select new members joining the group at each meeting. The events allow everyone to make connections and develop business relationships whilst learning more about Nugent and the work we do in your communities.

If your business may be interested in supporting our development group and hearing more about our plans for growth, please contact our Fundraising Lead, Ainsley Briscoe, via email at Ainsley.Briscoe@wearenugent.org or call 07833 091 852

If your business is part of our Nugent Now group, download our ‘I’m a Member’ graphic to share on social media. Click here to download image.

About Nugent

We are a registered charity which operates care homes, education, and community and social work services across the North West. We have been protecting, caring for and educating children and adults of all ages for over 141 years. As a charity Nugent aren’t beholden to investors or shareholders, meaning we can focus on what really matters: serving the most vulnerable and at risk in our community.

In 2022 Nugent is a leading voice in the care sector. We help people and families of all ages through our network of schools, care homes, community and social work services.

At the heart of the organisation is a mission to improve quality of life, health, life chances, and levels of achievement, reducing poverty and increasing safety for all.

To learn more about us, have a look through our website: wearenugent.org

Support our work caring for, educating, protecting and inspiring those in need.

For 140 years we have been providing support to children, young people, adults and families who are vulnerable or at risk across the North West through our schools, care homes, community and social work services. Your donations can help us support more people.

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Caring, educating, protecting and inspiring those in need.