CSAN’S response to the Narey Review

At present, residential care accounts for 12% of all children care placements in England. There are a variety of reasons why children are placed in residential care but over 60% of children are in care due to abuse or neglect. Children living in homes have specific mental, emotional and social needs which need to be addressed. In 2013, 62% had clinically significant mental health difficulties.

Commenting on the Review, Dr Phil McCarthy, CEO of CSAN said:

“We welcome Sir Martin Narey’s conclusion that the majority of children living in children’s homes in England are treated overwhelmingly well. Children’s homes can serve as great places of stability and personal growth for children who come from dysfunctional family backgrounds.

Catholic charities play an important role in providing a safe and secure environment for children. CSAN member, Catholic Care (Diocese of Leeds) has provided residential care for children and young people since 1863. Their children’s home has been rated outstanding by Ofsted, having a high rate of success in school attendance with young people moving on to further education and some to university.

One young person described his experience of living in their children’s home as: “it is a home not a unit”. We must do all we can to place collaboration, information sharing and partnership working at the core of our work to ensure children in care are given the best start in life”.

Normandie Wragg, CEO of Nugent Care, said:

“Nugent Care was one of the twenty charities visited by the review. We provide high quality residential care for children with behavioural and emotional difficulties. We pride ourselves upon providing a personalised and holistic service to the children we serve.

The review tackles many of the misconceptions relating to secure care. I strongly support Narey’s judgement that secure care has the capacity to keep children safe and the evidence highlights secure homes achieve both educational and health outcomes for children. Also, I support Narey’s view that smaller children’s homes doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Nugent Care will continue to work to support the welfare of children in the North West region and I hope the recommendations put forth in the Narey review can build upon the current successes of the care system to ensure every child in care has an opportunity build a better life”.

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