Nugent Signs Up to Dying to Work Charter

Nugent, which delivers care, support and educational services to young people and adults, has today signed up to the Dying to Work Charter in partnership with trade union UNISON. The charity operates in Liverpool, Sefton, Warrington, Wirral, St Helens and Wigan.

Nugent UNISON branch has been working with Nugent to gain their support for the Dying to Work Charter, which protects employees who are terminally ill.

[Pictured L-R: Nugent CEO Normandie Wragg, Unison’s Lynne Morris and TUC’s James McKenna]

The Dying to Work Charter was set up by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) to ensure employers respond to the needs of terminally ill employees, recognising that these are people who require support and understanding, not additional and avoidable stress and worry. The Charter also recognises if staff want to continue working in safe and reasonable work, this can help maintain dignity and offer a therapeutic distraction.

It aims to provide employees with security of work, peace of mind and the right to choose the best course of action for themselves during challenging times, with dignity and without undue financial loss. This includes being able to have time off, having adequate employment protection, and having their death in benefits protected for any loved ones they leave behind.

UNISON Nugent’s Branch Secretary Paul Rochford led the campaign for Nugent to sign up to the Charter and was present at the signing. He said:

I am delighted that Nugent has signed up to the Dying to Work Charter.

Nugent staff are incredibly dedicated and work within a challenging environment. They deserve the peace of mind that if they are diagnosed with a terminal condition, they will be treated with respect in a supportive work environment. Every person battling terminal conditions deserves the choice of how to spend their final months.

My fellow UNISON Branch Secretary Jean Blevin worked with The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust who signed up to this before she sadly passed away from a terminal illness in August 2020. It is an honour to continue Jean’s legacy who wanted to make sure that no one who receives a terminal diagnosis would suffer additional strife at work or financial concerns.

UNISON North West regional organiser Vicky Knight said:

We are thrilled that recent partnership working between Nugent and UNISON has delivered a multitude of positive outcomes for service users, staff members and the whole organisation.

Signing the Dying to Work charter today builds on vital steps which have ensured that all Nugent staff will be paid at least the Foundation Living Wage, receive a 2% pay rise and many will also receive payment for time spent during shift handovers and breaks. By giving staff a voice through their trade union UNISON, Nugent has created a healthy environment leading to improved working conditions and service quality.

Nugent’s Head of People, Hetal Mainwaring said:

We are really pleased to be signing up to the charter.  Nugent employees (Nugent Heroes) are our most valuable resource, showing our commitment to supporting any staff member who is in the unfortunate position of having a terminal illness is of paramount importance to us. We are pleased to have worked in partnership with UNISON and signing up to the Dying to Work Charter today.”


Nugent’s Chief Executive Officer, Normandie Wragg said:

The dying to work charter is the commitment to provide extra support for people who are diagnosed with a terminal illness while working. It is right that we recognise our staff for helping give people a dignified end to their life and we will continue to take great pride in this approach.

Jay McKenna, TUC North West regional secretary said:

It’s great to see Nugent sign up the Dying to Work charter and give staff the reassurance they deserve.

When workers are faced with a terminal illness, the last thing they need is to worry about their job. It’s clear that Nugent values their workers with this announcement and those on paying the real living wage. I hope more employers follow Nugent’s lead by signing up the Charter and working with unions to ensure staff have the protections and conditions they deserve.

More info on the Dying to Work campaign can be found at this link.

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