Deaf and Sign Community Service

The Deaf and Sign Community Service at Caritas in Nugent offers specialised support in Merseyside including BSL sign language classes, an arts and drama group, interpretation service, health awareness services and support in all areas of spiritual and pastoral life for people who are Deaf.

For more information regarding deaf mass, funerals, baptism or weddings contact:

Pastoral: Denise Armstrong-Hart email

Sign Language Tutor: Damien Mahon Email:

TEXT ONLY Denise – 07917460791 Damien – 07825033535

Nugent Central office – 0151 261 2000 Fax – 0151 261 2001

About Denise

Denise works on the Deaf Team, that is part of the Caritas Team.

She is a community/pastoral worker, and her role is to support the Deaf community and their families (Hearing and Deaf). She visits people in their homes, outside in the wider community and every month organizes a Catholic Deaf Mass in a parish. This mass is celebrated in British Sign Language.  She also teaches priests, deacons or other interested people liturgical signs.

Denise is CCRS trained (Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies) and can offer preparation for sacraments. She is a Deaf advocate who focuses on inner and spiritual wellbeing. Alongside our working relationship with the Catholic Deaf Association, she is involved in coordinating National Deaf pilgrimages and Retreats.

We support people of all faiths and those of non-religious identity.

About Damien

Damien works on the Deaf Team, that is part of the Caritas Team.

Damien supports the Deaf community and their families (Hearing and Deaf) in his role as a community/pastoral worker, he visits Deaf people in their homes/care homes, in hospital, outside in the wider community and at local Deaf centres. Deaf people can feel very isolated so visits can ensure they have contact with a fellow BSL user which helps to alleviate feelings of loneliness and stress.

Every month Damien is responsible for creating and distributing the ‘Deaf monthly news’ leaflet which goes out to over 50 Deaf people with news and information about monthly Masses.

Twice a year he compiles the ‘Signpost’ bumper edition for Summer and Winter which includes articles, Signed Theatre dates, puzzles and information about Deaf events. This bumper edition is distributed to around 100 people.

Damien is a qualified Sign Language tutor and teaches British Sign Language (BSL) in schools, businesses and to staff at Nugent.  Comments from people who have attended the courses include

 “I really enjoyed the course and feel I learnt some good skills, wish it had been longer.”

“I enjoyed the sessions and can communicate with my colleagues.”

Damien creates signed videos for the Nugent website and Facebook page about the Deaf Masses that he organises along with his colleague Denise.

Our aim is to see Deaf people and their families fully included in all aspects of society and treated with respect, dignity and above all equality.


Throughout lockdown, we continue to be pro-active and are finding new and different ways to work. To find more about the Deaf Team please visit the Nugent Deaf and Sign Community Team Facebook page.

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