The fundraising department increases awareness amongst local groups, individuals, business and faith communities about the causes that impact the people we serve.

We build relationships and trust with our donors and supporters and provide opportunities for people to give and get involved in order to make a difference to the children and adults supported by Nugent.

The Volunteer department enables members of our society to impact the health and well-being of the people we support and others who are vulnerable or isolated. Our volunteers give over 20 000 hours of unpaid activity every year to the people that Nugent serves.

Volunteers make a meaningful contribution that creates a better community for all.

The following Services are covered by Fundraising and Volunteer Departments;

  • Organising Fundraising Events and encourage others to organise those on our behalf
  • Give informal and formal talks and presentations to schools, colleges and businesses to talk about the work of Nugent Care
  • Oversee the running of Nugent Care’s Charity Shop
  • Support donations via on-line, legacies and so on

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