Charity Event is an Overnight Success

On Friday 4 March, Merseyside-based charity Nugent welcomed their incredible supporters through the iconic gates of Strawberry Field, Liverpool, to sleep out under the stars to raise much needed funds for their New Beginnings service which supports individuals to transition out of homelessness across the region.

The event, organised by their fundraising team, has so far raised over £8,700 with donations still being received until later in the month. The funds raised will be used to purchase the basic essentials for individuals with specific needs who have been suffering from homelessness.

The event was opened by Nugent’s CEO, Normandie Wragg, who shared an insight into the charity, whilst also sharing some personal heart-warming stories as to why New Beginnings is something so close to her heart. 

The fundraising team also conducted a live Q&A with beneficiaries from New Beginnings, who arrived thanks to one of our sponsors One Call Taxis, who shared their traumatic experiences of homelessness to all the participants in attendance. It brought a tear to everyone’s eye hearing the challenges faced, but it was incredible to hear how Nugent have helped to turn their lives around.

One of the beneficiaries stated:

“I lost contact with everyone, it was horrible not having my own place or somewhere to feel safe, I lost my identity and felt like I was taken out of society. I felt fearful, alone, angry, frustrated and scared. I lived each day not knowing what tomorrow would bring, I could be around lots of people but I still felt alone. Even when I was housed, I still spent Christmas alone as it took me a while to be mentally stable. I remember Nugent delivering my Christmas hamper and it made me realise people do care about me. They have offered me so much support when no one else was there”.

The event was sponsored by Krol Corlett Construction, a Liverpool based construction company who have been successfully delivering construction projects for over 50 years. Simon Krol, Director, joined us on the evening and helped pick the winner of the Best Shelter competition whilst speaking to beneficiaries about their experiences of homelessness.

The competition kept participants busy in the cold night air but also put things into perspective – cardboard does not protect you from the harsh weather or violent abuse on the streets.

The event was a collaboration with Strawberry Field who were also raising funds for their Steps to Work Programme, which helps young people with learning difficulties find employment.

Kathleen Versfeld, Mission Director of Strawberry Field and Major of The Salvation Army, expressed how wonderful it was collaborating with Nugent on such a meaningful cause.

There were prizes for the Best Fundraiser, the Best Shelter and a Lucky Dip winner which were supported by prize sponsors such as Brit Movie Tours, Experience Days, Lu Ban Kitchen, Liverpool’s Royal Court, Seeyourcity, The Climbing Hangar, Liverpool VR:VE, Hilton, Portland Hall Spa, Breakout Liverpool.

Participants were also able to enjoy a tasty treat thanks to the support from local businesses Waterfields and Greggs, along with refreshments kindly sponsored by ASDA.

Ainsley Briscoe, Fundraising lead at Nugent, stated

“Taking part in this event was a real challenge and that was only one night! I hope it’s an event which can continue to develop every year, to support those suffering from homelessness start their “New Beginning”.

Participants departed at 07:30 in the morning after spending 12 hours outside on the concrete. They collected their certificates on departure and felt a strong sense of accomplishment.

Donation links are still open if you’d like to sponsor our supporters who have now completed their fundraising challenge – visit our Local Giving donation page.

For more details about this or any of our other upcoming events, such as the annual Phil Thompson Golf Classic, or to take on a fundraising challenge, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Nugent’s fundraising team at

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